New AP/RC Artist: Clinton Cline

Following what Clinton Cline communicated when he stopped at the AP/RC during a road trip this summer, the imagery in his intaglio prints was created through “instinct and intuition”. These prints merge a variety of techniques: collograph, shaped plates, etching, and photo intaglio.  He inked each plate with multiple colors using viscosity methods and printed the image in one press run. Cline worked obsessively on the plates, constructing layers upon layers of ink to vary the viscosity printing.

Cline developed the compositions and imagery of his lithographs (also reproduced above)  using Adobe Photoshop as a drawing tool. As he explored this image-making software he continued to print his work as lithographs rather than using an inkjet or related printer. Cline wanted to experience working with a “digital toolbox” without relying on digital printing. He separated the colors of his Photoshop compositions, printed each as a transparency, and finally printed the work as a photo-lithograph.


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2 Responses to New AP/RC Artist: Clinton Cline

  1. Just wondering why you haven’t included the pass Lithographs I sent to the collection?? Clinton

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