About the AP/RC


The AP/RC .  .  .

encompasses extensive collections of original prints, photographs and related research and archival materials of 20th and 21st century artist-printmakers and artist-photographers. The AP/RC is an unparalleled collection of photographs, prints, proofs, states, editions, mylars, drawings, print matrices, archival resources and more by and about individual artists. The collection strives to represent each artist in depth. We are concerned with the final work of art and how the artist reached that end.

Housed in the Art Division of the Museum of Texas Tech University the collection supports education, research, publication and exhibition of American prints and printmakers. The AP/RC focuses its attention on art and artists who have had a demonstrable impact on the artistic environment of arid and semi-arid regions west of the Mississippi River and east of the Pacific Coast. The AP/RC serves artists, art historians, curators, cultural historians, critics, students, and anyone interested in American art and printmaking through in depth collection, preservation and accessibility to the art and archives of individual printmakers and photographers.


7 Responses to About the AP/RC

  1. ainescannell says:

    Please would you enable the “follow by email” on your dashboard. At present it is only set to allow followers to have new posts added to their word press watch board.
    thank you

    • mglenn76 says:

      Thanks for pointing this out to us, I didn’t know this feature was not in place. It has been implemented now and can be found at the side bar. Thanks for your interest in our work as well.


  2. Shelagh atkinson says:

    I’d like to submit work for the collection. How do I go about this?

  3. Please let me know how to contact you regarding submissions.

  4. Laurel Cline says:

    This was greeat to read

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