Andrew Polk

Andrew Polk (born 1950) has a BFA from Memphis State University and an MFA. from Indiana University. He teaches at the University of Arizona School of Art. Polk’s paintings and works on paper have been exhibited throughout the United States, as well as, in other countries such as Australia, India, New Zealand, Slovakia, China and Bulgaria. As an artist, Polk works in a wide range of media that includes lithography, digital imaging, painting, and drawing. For additional information see the artist’s website:

6 Responses to Andrew Polk

  1. aprcadmin says:

    Andy Polk probably painted it.

  2. Aaron Chessher says:

    Hello I found a big canvas picture or painting that says the yellow lady Andrew Paul 1981 written on the back top right corner of the canvas it’s a big painting I was wondering if you were the one who did it and if so is it worth restoring and fixing up because I really think it’s different thank you if you could let me know I would really appreciate it

  3. Aaro Chessher says:

    Andrew polk

  4. Aaron Chessher says:

    Any way to find anything out on it

  5. Aaron Chessher says:

    It is very unique a portrait of a dancer very big vibrant colors and very unique

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