New Additions to the AP/RC: Joyce Tenneson

These nine photographs are from four different bodies of work by Tenneson (born 1955), an artist whose reputation catapulted with several published series featuring portraits of women [e.g., Transformations (1994), Illuminations (1998), Light Warriors (2000), and Wise Women (2002)] .

Her light infused, golden-hue images of trees was published in book form, Trees and the Alchemy of Light, in 2012. Concerning this series, the artist notes:

As with my people portraits, I seek to reveal, in a single frame, the complex lives of trees – including their hardships and tragedies. Perhaps this is why I have been drawn to photograph trees with broken limbs and misshapen forms, as well as those whose strong presence gives them an aura of benevolent power. Their life journey is visible as is often true of a human face. During this year of intense photographing, my connection to the trees has evolved.  I have been on my own spiritual journey, as well. The poignancy of the cycle of life – birth, death and regeneration – has affected me deeply. I have found in nature “icons” that speak to me personally.

These photographs were donated to the AP/RC by an anonymous donor, Andrew Millard, Michael and Marci Moses, and Lev Pukin.


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