James T. Dormer


James T. Dormer , Professor of Printmaking at Colorado State University, received an MFA in painting from Pennsylvania State University followed several years later by another Master’s degree in printmaking form the University of Iowa.

Dormer observes that , “The essence of my creative work is found in nature, though it is not an attempt to portray the local landscape. Rather, my work becomes more an abstraction of my experiences; much of it is arrived at through memory, automatism and the subconscious. I have always been intrigued with the materials of printmaking–copper, limestone, mordant and ink. A vague idea, chance and the extraordinary potential of these elements are compelling considerations. I hope my prints convey a sense of integrity, passion and surprise.”

Dormer is a member of the Boston Printmakers. For a short article on Dormer see Print Master by Melissa Belongea in Modern in Denver. Belongea’s article is the source of the image of Dormer at work in his studio.


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