Gesine Janzen

Inspired by her grandfather’s collection of prints, Gesine Janzen made her first linocut of a butterfly when she was in elementary school in Lawrence, Kansas. She studied art at Bethel College, and printmaking at the University of Kansas and the University of Iowa, where she received her MFA in 1998. She also spent several years working for the Lawrence Lithography Workshop, where she learned the exacting art of lithography.

Gesine’s work has mostly been autobiographical, and her current projects explore the passing of time and the elusive qualities of memory through landscape. Recent images include some of the places where her ancestors lived, such as the Baltic Coast in Poland and the Great Plains of the US. She is working on a series of the Missouri river, which stretches from her home near Bozeman to her home state of Kansas and onward. She now lives with her husband and children in Bozeman, Montana, where she is also Associate Professor of Art at Montana State University.

Gesine Janzen at work on an old newspaper press

Gesine Janzen at work on an old newspaper press


2 Responses to Gesine Janzen

  1. Lovely collection of your work and the photograph of you working on the large press.

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