Bess Hubbard

Bess Hubbard (1896-1977) lived in Lubbock, Texas as a sculptor and printmaker who worked successfully in both intaglio and lithography as well as in stone and bronze. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Dallas Museum of Art (TX), the Texas Fine Arts Association, the Elisabet Ney Museum (Austin, TX), and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

10 Responses to Bess Hubbard

  1. Luther Lawson says:

    I have an origional of Bess Hubbard and new her personally as she was my landlord and I here tenant of her farm in Lubbock in the 1960’s and 70’s. If anyone knows where I can take it to be appraised if you know ,please let me know, THANK YOU.

    Luther Lawson
    Austin, TX.

  2. Jane Sheffield Lowery says:

    my father was her physician, and we have 10+ lithographs, one oil painting, and several sculptures. Stanley Marcus also collected her work. Her Santa Fe images are my favorites. My father has sold several Hubbards at an Austin gallery, it is near the capitol and I believe it is called the Texas Country Gallery

    • aprcadmin says:

      Bess Hubbard was probably the most progressive artist in Lubbock, and a wide area of West Texas, in the 1930-50s. She seems to have had an unrelenting thirst for new ideas and experiences. We have over a hundred works of her’s in the collection and are always looking for others. If you know of anyone, including yourself, who might want to part with any of her artworks, please let me know. I am the Curator of Art at the Museum of Texas Tech University.

      • Dolores Mosser says:

        I am writing a piece on Bess Hubbard for the AJ, can I use your comments in my story? Dolores Mosser

      • aprcadmin says:

        Dolores Mosser,
        They are public remarks, so I do not think that you need permission but we do appreciate your courtesy. I would request that you cite the source (Artist Printmaker/Photographer Research Collection at the Museum of Texas Tech University)…maybe even include the URL? Of course, it is always a pleasure to read before publication the context in which one’s remarks are framed. So, if that is possible, I would be in your debt. Peter S Briggs

  3. Dolores Mosser says:

    I will stay in touch, thank you very much.

    • Jane Sheffield Lowery says:

      You may certainly use my remarks. I was told that Ms. Hubbard was represented in a museum of American women sculptors, in DC, i believe. Can you tell me any more?

  4. Joy Turberville says:

    I am looking for the sculpture which she named Joi. She first did a direct carving and then cast it in bronze as well.
    I am also looking for the direct carving which she entitled Madonna And Child.
    Do you have any information on either of this pieces?

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