Jeffrey Dell wasn’t sure I was going to like Texas when I arrived nearly 14 years ago, but I feel lucky to have landed here. I have wonderful students and colleagues at Texas State University in San Marcos, where I am a professor. The art communities of Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas are vibrant and diverse.

My work over the last few years engages themes of human desire and its effects on perception, impulse, appetite, and health. I am earnest about the playfulness in the work, and I rarely want to mean only one thing in an image. I continue to love the way two-dimensional images elicit just what I thought they would not.

I have previously lived and worked in Oregon, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Venice, Italy and now in Texas. I regularly exhibit at Art Palace Gallery in Houston and Galleri Urbane in Dallas. I’ve shown at the International Print Center New York, The Print Center in Philadelphia and at venues abroad.

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