Thomas Seawell

Thomas Seawell (born 1936) lives in Commerce, Texas and teaches at Texas A & M University Commerce. Seawell’s work is in many public collections, including the Brooklyn Museum (NY), the Library of Congress (Washington, DC), the DeCordova Museum of Art (Lincoln, MA), the Arkansas Art Center (Little Rock) the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC), Memorial Art Gallery (Rochester, NY), Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute (Utica, NY), The Pushkin Museum of Art (Moscow, Russia), Brockton Art Center (MA), Portland Museum of Art (ME), the Longview Museum of Fine Arts (TX) and Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN).

8 Responses to Thomas Seawell

  1. tom turner says:

    Thomas- I am a student of Jim Wozniak, Illinois State, 1963-68. He gave me one of your prints many years ago titled, “The Gun Monument”. He thought a lot about you. be well.

  2. Clare Burgess says:

    Hi Mr.Seawell. I was you student back in the day. I was part of the first BFA class at Oswego. I found this page when I was looking up examples of printmakers to show my students. I hope the message finds you well. Clare

  3. Brian Anderson says:

    I have to say I truly love it.

  4. Hey Tom. This is Lauren baker. Tamu-commerce 2002 &2003. I really enjoyed your classes. So much that I am going to start screen printing again and possibly go to grad school for printmaking. I plan to be working at inkyhhands in dallas. A new print shop that opened in an old mall. I am the first student…it opened in February. I would love it if you dropped by to check out the studio and say hi. I love your work! And would love to hear from you. Say hi to Barbara for me…I learned a lot in her classes too.

  5. Paul Chaplo says:

    Saddened to hear of Thom’s passing. As a BFA student, I assisted in Thom’s studio in New York when he was printing the Empty Centers series. When we were done for the day, he opened his collection of vintage prints from various artists and insisted that I handle the works without gloves and feel the surface of the print. You will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace. Paul Chaplo

  6. Janyce Cutler says:


    In 1976 I fell in love and purchased your serigraph, Peanut Vendor, #1 of 32, from the Ginn Gallery in Newton, Ma. At that time I was a struggling student. Marsha Gunn agreed to buy it on layaway. At one point she phoned me and offered to buy it back from me for more than I paid. To this day it remains my most favorite art work! Just thought I would let you know. Thank you.

  7. MaryAnn Hayden says:

    I met Thom in our first year of college at Washington University. I was very shy (reserved?), but he walked up to me one day in our first painting class and said that everyone else was his friend and I was going to be also, if it took the rest of the year! He really made those early years easier for me and became a firm friend. After graduation Thom went on to graduate school and on spring break brought a friend back to Saint Louis who became my first husband. He also gave me my first show of drawings when he was teaching in Arkansas! Early in 2015, after such a long time I found him again on line and we renewed our friendship. I was devastated when I was suddenly unable to reach him online, but took until the end of January 2017 to admit the possibility that he was no longer here. I will always honor him as a wonderful friend, and, in fact, named one of my twin sons after him.

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