Ricardo V. Ruiz

Ricardo V. Ruiz writes about his work that it, “creates a dialogue between observations of contemporary society and its relationship to primitive cultures. A variety of media is utilized in an attempt to realize a timeless landscape of ubiquitous actions and fascination with the urbane qualities of human nature. Dramas of unknown circumstances and scenarios develop across barren fields of saturated color. Lines and marks cultivate form and atmosphere. A direct and immediate process communicates with a simplified handling of form that can be traced to comic characters and Neo-Expressionism.”

Ruiz has won numerous awards for his art including 1st place in the Mid-America Print Council Member Exhibition 2014, South Bend, IN, and the Third Coast National at Corpus Christi, 2013. Ricardo V. Ruiz lives in Corpus Christi where he also paints, and makes animations of his drawing.


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