Random Print of the Week

Juniper Tree Landscape - green proof, 2009, lithograph, 13x 16 inches

Juniper Tree Landscape – green proof, 2009, lithograph, 13x 16 inches

The AP/RC uses a database to keep track of pertinent data for art works in the museum collections. Currently there are 7,388 items in the database. Scrolling through the pages of the database yields a miscellany of prints, paintings, sculptures, secondary materials for prints and drawings. Using a random number generator at Random.org I selected the following work to look at today, #5071. Bruce Lowney donated several proofs, drawings and a final lithograph to the Museum’s Art Division collection in 2009. This is the green color proof for the final print. The artist  used this proof to gauge the efficacy of the printing, checking for coverage of the ink and shape and whether the final black key image covered sufficiently the green flat area. This is the first color, the lightest. The next layer is darker green, followed by a final black ‘key-image’.


This is the black key image proof which was printed last, over the colors.

The final lithograph is a combination of printed layers.



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