New Additons to the AP/RC: Catherine Chauvin

Catherine Chauvin Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, 2012 (four color screen print)

Catherine Chauvin
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, 2012
four color screen print (11×15 inches)

I visited with Catherine Chauvin in her studio at the University of Denver during the summer of 2012. She showed me some of her work, we talked about common ground (e.g., times she spent in Texas, at Anderson Ranch and at Tamarind), and we discussed her possible commitment to join the Artist Printmaker Research Collection. Although she was on leave from her duties at the University, she met me again in Denver in late May of this year. At this meeting she donated a body of prints to the AP/RC from the last twenty years that range from her days as a graduate student to the present. Ten years of that period, pretty much from 1996 through 2006, she was printing and or running a print shop at Tamarind Institute (where she received her Master Printer Certificate), Anderson Ranch Arts Center, and the P.R.I.N.T. center at North Texas State University in Denton. As she told me recently, stepping away from being a master printer has allowed her to focus more on her own work and vision. While she has a strong background in lithography, Catherine adopts any available techniques that will help her reach her aesthetic ends.

P.S. Briggs

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