New Additions to the AP/RC: Kathryn Maxwell

Kathryn Maxwell, among the earliest artists to join the Artist Printmaker Research Collection, annually (and sometimes more frequently), sends a package of prints and related materials for her AP/RC collection and archive. Among recent and older prints, she invariably also sends supporting materials, including various proofs, Rubylith separations, acetates, drawings, exhibition announcements, exhibition catalogs, brochures, and articles published about her work. It is one of the more dynamic collections in the AP/RC.

Two of the prints that she recently sent to the AP/RC were printed while Maxwell was a resident in June, 1913 at Guanlan Original Printmaking Base in Guanlan, China. The artist notes on her blog that the colors in “Dreaming in Guanlan…became more muted in response to the rain, buildings and greenery surrounding me. The overwhelming clouds reference the belief of ancient Chinese cosmology that the sky is a force of destiny that determines everything that happens on earth. The print really reflects what was a ‘pause’ in my regular life…it is a reflection on the suspension of reality that dreams provide while destiny, or life forces, continue to surround and influence us.”


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