New Miscellany: 26 Prints by Evan Lindquist

Stamps of Heroes and Monsters, 1980; Etching; Image: 200mm x 269mm

Stamps of Heroes and Monsters, 1980; Etching; Image: 200mm x 269mm

Evan Lindquist donated twenty prints to the ColorPrint USA collection in 2005 and another eleven in 2010. Recently he was selected as the first artist laureate of Arkansas, a honor that spans 2013-17.

In recognition of his laureate appointment, Lindquist will have a one-person exhibition, Poet in Copper: Engravings by Evan Lindquist, at the Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, from September 5 – October 26, 2014. As noted in the press release, the exhibition will feature Lindquist’s “lyrical engravings (that) explore abstract imagery, music, portraiture, animals, landscape, satire, architectural fantasies, and the history of printmaking, among other subjects. This exhibition includes images from the 1960s through the 1990s.”

In recognition of his achievements as an artist, a printmaker, and an engraver, an exhibition of twenty-six selected works from our Lindquist collection can be found in the Miscellany section of this blog.

Evan lindquist


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