New AP/RC Artist: John-Mark Schlink

John-Mark Schlink combines a background in architecture with and a focus on print media. With an x-ray like vision, Schlink dissects parts of buildings and explores their dynamic structural elements and spatial geometries. The orderly chaos of his compositions waver between explosion and implosion. Cynde Randall, writing at ( observed that, “Perhaps they (the prints) are blueprints for the world that’s coming apart. Un-building seems as much the point of this work—not in a dystopian sense, but more towards the idea of clearing a space so that something new can manifest.”

Schlink is currently a Senior Lecturer at Hamline University in St. Paul, as well as the Director of Exhibitions at the Soeffker Gallery and Permanent Collection. See more of his work at his web site:





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1 Response to New AP/RC Artist: John-Mark Schlink

  1. Marta Fainberg says:

    Coming from an architectural background myself, I really related to and appreciated these
    prints: imaginative and interesting!

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