New Additions to the AP/RC: Andrew Polk

A trip to Tucson, AZ occasioned a stop at the LVIS Press, a studio shared by Andy and Kathryn Polk. Both artists added a considerable number of works to their collections at the AP/RC. Several digital prints added by Andy mesmerize with their intense populations of exploding circular shapes that vary endlessly in size and color, reminiscent of mandalas and the horror vacui of illuminated manuscripts. The source, however, was internal. Andy had some recent health complications that required endoscopy. As his health focused his attention, his imagination drifted to what the small video camera inside his body might be recording as it moved along various internal passages. The plethora of its imagined circular and floral-like snapshots, many in vivid color and one atop another, are like pictures of overflowing flower gardens. He created hundreds of individual images on a computer, made a catalog of them, and then selected them more or less randomly from his digitized inventory, manipulating the colors of each print.

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