Just Press Print: Exhibition Archive at the AP/RC

Thanks to the generosity of Paul Laidler of the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England efforts and the efforts of Jason Urban who, at the time, was on the faculty in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin, the AP/RC received a gift of over 200 artworks, support materials and interpretive resources of an influential traveling exhibition, Just Press Print. The exhibition fits well within the AP/RC’s emphasis on finished artworks and the markers of those processes. It draws attention to often overlooked elements of the printing process. Sketches, correspondence, and draft editions highlight the importance of the relationship between artist and printer, iterations necessary to achieve the final print, and archiving and recording processes that accompany artists’ work

Curated by Paul Laidler, Just Press Print explores possibilities of current 21st century technologies within printmaking. The exhibition, now archived in the collection of the AP/RC, features prints evolved from collaborations among fourteen selected artists, including Carolyn Bunt, Stanley Donwood, Richard Falle, Paul Laidler, Roy Voss, Andrew Super, Sebastian Schramm, Arthur Buxton, Paul Coldwell, and Gordon Cheun.

Below is a selection of images that hint at the processes of development and editing by artists in this exceptional collection of works.

psbriggs (adapted from Just Press Print press release)

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