New AP/RC Artist: Vaughn Wascovich

Vaughn Wascovich’s images of Cleveland bridges (Bridging Cleveland) and of rural eastern Texas (Hard Times) exploits the shifting essentials of pin hole photography–focus, resolution and texture–and then mediates them with 21st century digital printing techniques. The saturation of ink by the paper and the scumble-like surface create rich tactile qualities.

For his series, Wascovich used panoramic cameras that he built. Once his 8×20 inch negatives were exposed and he was back in his darkroom, he “distressed” the developing process. Using old developer, warm water, and more, he created accidents and textures. Recently the artist has been dividing his pictorial space into quadrants, creating the effect of window panes.

Wascovich, a native of Cleveland, has a kinship with the bridges from that city that he photographed: “It’s like I walk around, and there are ghosts of my past. Sometimes it’s a little disconcerting, but other times I really love that and I feel at ease. So that’s really important to me to have that place and that sense of belonging…”

In addition to the images of the Cleveland bridges and rural eastern Texas, Wascovich also donated to the AP/RC a selection from his Rodeo series.  The artist noted, “Having grown up in the Ohio/Pennsylvania region, rodeos were the stuff of old westerns…Seeing it in person one is immediately struck by the spectacle. Not only the blur of color and motions of the events, but the social world of the rodeo.”

Wascovich currently lives in Commerce, Texas, and teaches at Texas A&M, Commerce.


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