New AP/RC Artist: Julie Speed

Julie Speed recently began an archive of her prints dating from 2000 to the present. Most of Speed’s etchings have been printed at Flatbed Press in Austin, TX and in collaboration with Fran Christiana, who organized the artworks that the AP/RC acquired…and we thank Julie and Fran for all of their efforts.

This new archive includes finished intaglio prints, various states, drawings, collages, acetates, and polymer plates. While some of Speed’s images focus on her drawing skills, she also uses collage, chine colle, and hand coloring extensively. Combing through resources far and wide, she uncovers engravings from previous centuries, and carefully recombines them as new compositions.

Speed’s etchings (as well as her paintings and constructions) fabricate paradoxical narratives that point to fabulous tales whose beginnings and ends are teasingly obscured. These inscrutable sagas lure us into speculations that test our storytelling inventories. Dominated by a love of drawing and classic composition, Speed’s images include a rich mixture of 16th century northern European narrative, late 15th century Italian Renaissance portraiture, and a nod to magical realism, but all these traditions gestate through her restless 21st century eyes.


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