New Additions to the AP/RC: Wayne Kimball

The AP/RC has a rich archive of editioned prints, proofs, acetates, collages and related materials by Wayne Kimball. The AP/RC even has some of his tests for exploring various color mixtures of ink. Presently numbering just over 550 works, all but a few were donated by the artist. Kimball, who lives in Utah, is a master lithographer…one fellow printmaker refers to him as the ultimate contemporary chromolithographer.

Kimball’s mysterious and often humorous images are created with rarely matched craftsmanship. For decades he has been devoted to documenting step by step the development of a specific print. Several of these “process portfolios” in the collection of the AP/RC contain more than 50 black and white proofs, color proofs, trial proofs and progressive proofs for an individual print. In several cases, Kimball constructed a hand-made portfolio box to hold the 50+ images and a hand bound booklet to guide one through the maze of proofs.

Kimball’s recent donation is a bit different. He gave a variety of the acetates used to create two images, Things the Renters Left Behind and Things the Previous Owner Left, both from 2019. Perhaps a reference to his move from his home to an apartment, Kimball provided the AP/RC with one of each of the editioned lithographs and four trial proofs of Things the Renters Left Behind and two trial proofs of Things the Previous Owner Left Behind. These proofs give viewers a peek into the artist’s decisions about which of the variations he choose to edition.




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