New Edition to the AP/RC: Caleb Cain Marcus

Marcus was born in Colorado in 1978 and currently lives in New York City.  The images donated to the AP/RC were created over a 1,500 mile journey of 40 days along the length of India and Bangladesh’s Ganges river. A large number of the images reproduced here were published in his book, Goddess (2015).

In the text for Goddess, author Richard Ford observes that Marcus provides glimpses “…of ephemeral moments when space can be seen and felt in the landscape… Space (to Marcus) has substance, weight, quality and presence. Space connects people, land, rivers, oceans, mountains, animals, gods, goddesses and the firmament…”

These artworks were generously donated by Ryon Beyer, Lev Pukin, Noah Kagan, Frederick Ott, Andrew Millard, Krishnaswamy Yeleswaram, Michael and Marci Moses, and an anonymous donor.


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